Jason LePage, SPT, CSCS

Jason is a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Quinnipiac University in North Haven, CT. He graduated from Quinnipiac in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences Studies. In addition, Jason is certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) through the International Sports Sciences Association. Jason has instructed group fitness classes at Quinnipiac University and the surrounding area for 4 years and works as a Graduate Assistant for Human Anatomy & Kinesiology labs at Quinnipiac University.

As his education continued in the DPT Program, Jason learned more about human movement, rehabilitation principles, and optimizing function to reduce the risk of injury. Unfortunately, this knowledge didn’t always match what was previously taught by past coaches, other fitness professionals, and not always being performed by frequent gym-goers. This is how Prime-Physio Fitness started.

My goal for Prime-Physio Fitness is to integrate physical therapy principles into the fitness world and providing a better understanding of movement to anyone who trains. I believe everyone who trains should have a basic understanding of movement to maximize results while staying pain-free. I want to educate people on movement regardless of training style or preference so they can apply necessary concepts to their training to reduce the risk of injury.